FinTech Startups: Are you ready to boost your most valuable marketing channel?

The 5 Biggest List Nurturing Mistakes FinTech Startups Make That Kills Conversions, Increases Unsubscribers, And Loses $5,000 - $25,000 In MRR (And How To Fix Them)

Discover the 5 mistakes holding back your most profitable (but underused) marketing asset.Get a 3-point framework to create engagement-boosting email content.Unlock a 3-step guide to building your first list segmentation strategy.This free email course gives you everything you need to nurture your list and reduce monthly churn.

My name is Ash Coxon, and I've worked in tech consultancy for 7+ years. Now I want to share how your startup can build an engaged (and profitable) email list.

"Provides daily actionable tips and frameworks that I’ve been able to implement right away."

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Day 1: The Low-Value Content Trap: Create Emails Your Subscribers Can’t Wait To ReadDay 2: Master Your Schedule: The Key To Consistent Email MarketingDay 3: Turn Features Into Outcomes: How To Write Product Updates That Hook Your SubscribersDay 4: The Power of Segmentation: Target Your Audience To Boost EngagementDay 5: The Art of Email Analytics: How to Use Data to Optimize Your Email Marketing